How it Works

How It Works

Got a shift you need covered? We make the process of booking a barista, easy. Need A Barista partner local cafes with baristas in the area, on-demand. Just tell us when and where, and we’ll connect your shift request to our pool of vetted professional barista-partners in your city. No more calling around to staff who might not show up. No more sifting through endless piles of resumes. That’s time-wasting. And as a small-business owner, time is a precious thing. Which is where we come in to help out.


As soon as your shift gets picked up by one of our barista-partners, you’ll receive a confirmation email in minutes, so you know it’s sorted.


On the day of your booking, your barista-partner arrives and does what they do best: Makes amazing coffee for your customers.


At the end of their shift, your barista-partner will simply invoice you for the hours worked, and you pay them just like you pay your permanent staff.

Simple, transparent,

industry-leading pricing:  

*$49 per shift booked. 

*$26 per hour to the barista.

*Book 5 shifts at once and we’ll waive one of the booking fees!