Welcome To The Team

Welcome To The Team

Firstly, it is great to have you on board the service and thanks for taking the time to complete the barista sign up form. We know it takes a while but we also know it is well worth it! We have checked all your barista references and you have shown that you are a top notch, reliable and experienced barista. You are now a part of the team!


You will firstly need to acquaint yourself with our online scheduling system, so you can control when you’re available for barista shifts! We are working alongside the Australian company Zenshifts, to create a simple way for you to let us know when you’re available to receive shifts. You will receive an invite to the Zenshifts scheduling system in your inbox shortly, so keep a look out.

We strongly recommend adding them to your email contacts, and creating a new folder for all your barista shift communications so you don’t miss anything. Don’t worry, you will receive all shift notifications via SMS too.

With our barista availability system, you’ll be able to:

  • Set your own availability from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Change your availability on the fly
  • Receive barista shifts from great cafes in your city
  • Earn $24 per hour, whenever you work!

So how do I control when I work? When should I be available?
Through Zenshifts you have the ability to change your availability on the fly, changing what days you are available to work as it suits you. Therefore you can work when you like and there is no reason why you won’t turn up to a shift you’ve been booked for. If we book you for a shift on a day you’ve marked as available, you are expected to work it, that’s fair enough huh!

What happens when I am booked for a shift?
You will receive a notification via SMS and email when you have been booked for a shift. You will also be notified about the shift again the night before via the SHIFT REMINDER email. This email outlines the details of the shift and gives you the contact details of the cafe you are working at. If we get an urgent ‘same-day’ request from a cafe for a barista, and you’re showing as available on that day, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm if you’re able to quickly go and support the cafe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is an emergency and you are unable to do a shift you have been booked for AFTER 5pm the day before your shift, you must immediately contact the cafe directly and communicate your situation. You will have their contact information from the SHIFT REMINDER sent the night before your shift. You are also expected to email us at baristas@needabarista explaining the situation. After all, you are the barista that the cafe is expecting to see the next day! If you know you are unavailable BEFORE 5pm the day before your shift you will need to email us at baristas@needabarista.com explaining the situation and one of our team members will contact the cafe.

If you are having a big night out with your mates or you are likely to have an extra glass of wine with that dinner you planned then it isn’t going to be a great idea to work at 6am the following morning.

Remember, you are in control. We just need to know about it by keeping your availability on Zenshifts up to date. Easy!

What if I arrive to a shift and there’s an issue?
If you ever arrive to start a shift at a cafe you’ve been booked at, and there’s an issue: no-none there to meet you, they say they don’t need you to work anymore, they change the start time drastically etc, you MUST contact us on the spot! Just send us an email to baristas@needabarista.com
If you fail to do so, the cafe may simply say that you didn’t show up, and we’ll need to treat it as a no-show. So keep us in the loop, that’s what we’re here for!

What happens if I don’t show up to a shift I was booked for?
While we know things happen, if it isn’t an emergency, then this shows us you aren’t as reliable as we thought. Cafe’s expect the baristas using our service to be punctual and professional. If you don’t show up to a shift without explanation then we will likely remove you from the Need a Barista system. Communication is key, let us know what is going on!

Your ONLY responsibility (aside from being a gun barista) is to be available when you say you are and to turn up to the shifts you are booked for. It is a pretty sweet deal!

You’ve made it this far, so now for what you want to hear…

How do I get paid?
All the cafes using the Need a Barista marketplace have agreed to paying barista’s that use the servicer a non-negotiable rate of $24 per hour, and $30 per hour on Public Holidays! The cafe will ask you to supply an invoice at the end of your shift and fill it out accordingly. We have included a free downloadable invoice template in the email that linked you to this page, and we advise you download it and print a few copies off now, then just carry one with you to the shifts you are booked for while using the Need a Barista service.

NOTE: As per the terms and conditions of our service, Need a Barista takes no part in the transaction between you (the seller of a service) and the cafe (the buyer of your service). We do however have a great relationship with all the cafes that use our service, and you can always contact us if you have any questions.

So again, welcome aboard! We are excited to have you join the Need a Barista service and we think you’ll love the system. It’s never been easier to get paid well as a barista whilst also controlling when you work!

If you ever have any questions, have some ideas on how we can improve the service, or you just want to get in contact, email us at baristas@needabarista.com. We’re always here to help!

So that’s it! Set your availability via the Zenshifts invite link and start receiving shifts via the Need a Barista service!