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What is Need a Barista?

Need a Barista is Australia’s No. 1 ‘just-in time’ barista staffing solution.

Whether it’s an emergency, or just covering staff leave, we connect cafés, restaurants and venues to experienced, professional and accredited baristas on a moment’s notice.

Having worked with cafes across the globe, we know that success is all about consistent, first-class coffee, and of course, quality staff. We also know that in today’s coffee-obsessed culture, an average latte or disappointing cappuccino is more than just a “bad coffee”.

It impacts your business’ reputation.

This is where Need a Barista steps up. Whether it is for a day, a week, or an extended period, we remove the stress when you’re short on a quality barista, the engine of your business.

How much does it cost?

The baristas on our service will charge you $26 per hour worked on weekdays, and $33 per hour on weekends and public holidays, and can invoice you directly at the end of their shift. The booking fee is $49 (+GST) and is charged per shift.

How good are the baristas on Need a Barista?

Good? Who wants good when you can have great?

Need a Barista is the only staffing solution that guarantees that every barista meets rigorous quality assurance standards, so you can be confident that whoever you book will be Qualified, Experienced, and Professional.

Our team of coffee experts hand pick only those baristas that pass our Need a Barista Quality Accreditation, meaning that the barista behind your machine always has years of high-volume coffee and customer service experience.

Do we supply permanent staff?

No we don’t. Need a Barista is here to cover those gaps in your roster when someone doesn’t show up, takes some leave, or while you’re looking for new team members. We can and do cover weeks (even months!) of shifts at a time with the quality baristas on our service.
Please don’t ask the baristas if you can hire them permanently, the baristas on Need a Barista love being on the service which makes this it’s an awkward conversation for everyone and it’s against our Terms of Use.

Is there a minimum shift length for a booking?

Yes, it’s 5 hours. This is to make the shifts attractive to the amazing baristas on our service. Most skilled professionals won’t get up for less than a full days work, but we think 5 hours works pretty well for everyone.

How do I pay the barista I book?

Just how you pay your normal staff. At the end of the shift, your barista partner will simply invoice you directly for the hours worked (they have their own ABN and invoices), at the rate of $26 p/hour, all inclusive.

Payment on the day is best, however, if it’s going to be a few days wait, or you have certain days you do pay, please communicate this to the barista so they can plan around it.

Can the barista I book do other tasks during the shift?

The baristas on Need a Barista are highly skilled, professional baristas! So, they should be doing barista work. The barista-partners on our service are often happy to help out with some front of house support and customer service etc. (if asked nicely) but they’re primarily there to  be heing your machine and make amazing coffee. They definitely can’t be put in a kitchen. The hourly rate you pay them reflects their skill and experience, so why waste it having them do floor work?

What about breaks during the shift?

The baristas you connect with through us need some breaks just like any other staff. 5 hours + is a long shift, so please make sure you give them a break at some point.

And...what if I still have questions?

No worries! We’re here to help. If your questions haven’t been answered above, you can get in touch the old school way : 1-300-544-510